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    What is the warranty for your energy storage systems?

    We provide 10-year warranty for Residential & Commercial energy storage products. 5 years for lithium batteries and UPS

    What's included in our warranty support?

    We assess defects closely before deciding on repair or replacement. Preferably, we use remote diagnosis for distant issues but on-site repairs are available. Our FAE engineering team offers 24/7 support.

    How can you guarantee consistent production capacity?

    Absolutely. Our production capabilities are robust, featuring two semi-automated and two fully automated production lines. When operating all four lines for 10 hours daily, we achieve a production capacity of approximately 26,000 battery modules per month. This setup ensures a steady and reliable supply to meet our clients' demands.

    Could you detail the functionalities of the EMS tools?

    The EMS tools we provide offer a comprehensive view of your system's performance. They display the current running status, real-time power metrics, and both daily and cumulative energy data. Additionally, these tools allow for the convenient configuration of various system parameters, ensuring a user-friendly experience in monitoring and managing your energy systems.

    How does the BMS handle the addition of more storage modules?

    Our BMS is equipped with advanced auto-addressing technology. This feature enables the system to automatically recognize and integrate new modules post-installation. This seamless process negates the need for manual configuration of battery module addresses, simplifying the expansion of your storage capacity.

    Can you specify the battery cell manufacturers you partner with?

    Our company has forged enduring partnerships with several top-tier battery cell manufacturers. Presently, our collaborations include renowned names in the industry such as CALB, EVE, CATL, Slcopoly, ETC, Hlgee, Llshen, among others. This diverse range of partnerships ensures we maintain high standards and broad compatibility in our products.

    What is the compatibility of your products with my existing inverter?
    Our products have been rigorously tested and are compatible with most inverters available in the market. In case of any compatibility issues with your current inverter, you have the option to provide us with a sample of the inverter. We will then ensure a tailored compatibility solution, typically within a timeframe of one to two weeks.
    Does the S40K Series begin with a 20.48kWh capacity, or is there an option for a lower capacity?

    The S40K series starts at a capacity of 10.24kWh with the inclusion of two battery modules, offering 5.12kWh per module (2.24kWh per module according to European standards). Each set in this series can be expanded up to a total of eight modules.

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