Last updated: Sep 2023.

Privacy Policy


Your privacy is of paramount importance to us. This policy outlines the steps we take to protect the personal information 

of our website visitors and how we handle this data. 

Upon your initial visit and acceptance of cookies in line with this policy, you agree to our use of cookies for subsequent 


Collection of Personal Information

During your interactions with our website, we may gather, store, and utilize the following types of personal information:

·Technical data about your device: IP address, location, browser specifics, and OS details.

·Website usage metrics: traffic sources, duration of visits, pages viewed, and navigation patterns.

·Details provided during registration, such as your email.

·Profile-related information: name, photo, gender, birth date, relationship status, personal interests, educational and 

professional details.

·Subscription details for our newsletters and emails: mainly your name and email.

·Any information given while utilizing our services.

·Transactional and purchase data: contact details, address, and payment particulars.

·Content you intend to publicly share: username, profile images, and your posts.

·Communication metadata from interactions via email or on our site.

·Other miscellaneous personal details you might send our way.

·Prior to sharing another person’s information with us, please ensure you have their consent, in line with this policy, 

to both disclose and permit us to utilize that information.

Usage of Personal Information

The personal data shared through our site will be used in alignment with this policy and any other pertinent page 

directives on our website. Your personal information may be employed for:

·Managing and enhancing our website and operations.

·Offering a customized browsing experience.

·Delivering the services you seek on our platform.

·Processing transactions and dispatching products you buy.

·Providing post-purchase services.

·Handling billing matters: sending out invoices, reminders, and managing payments.

·Forwarding non-promotional business communications.

·Alerting you on aspects you have indicated an interest in.

·Sending newsletters if you have opted in (you can opt out anytime).

·Promotional messages from us or third parties, based on your preferences (with an easy opt-out feature).

·Supplying non-identifying statistical data to third parties about user interactions.

·Addressing queries, feedback, or grievances related to our platform.

·Enhancing site security and averting fraudulent activities.

·Monitoring adherence to our website's terms of use.

·Other varied uses we see fit.

·Your privacy and the safe handling of your personal data are our primary concerns. We remain committed to 

adhering to both the spirit and the letter of our privacy undertakings.

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