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Kowint crafts the ultimate energy storage solutions for residential and commercial use. Streamlined and optimized, our approach paves a more profitable and sustainable path for you, reducing energy cost concerns and amplifying growth focus.

Stack-Mount Modular ESS

S40K Series is a low-voltage battery system acquired flexible modular design with no extra cables, which provides optimized safety, long life span and stable performance. They are perfect batteries for all applications. Each set contains up to 6 battery modules in parallel connection and achieves usable capacity between 10.24 to 30.72 kWh.


    Easy Installation

    Stack-up and use


    Extreme Safety

    Warranty 10 years ensure quality


    Data Visualization

    Use our APP for monitoring all data


    Superb Load Capacity

    10.24kWh-30.72kWh avaible


    Excellent Scalability

    Maximum 6 batteries & 31 units


    Good Controllability

    controll with Master Box for system


    Cloud Service

    Connect with WIFI view data in Cloud


    Long Battery Life

    >6000 times

Built to inspire energy confidence.

    480 kWh

    Max. Energy Capacity

    6 x

    Battery Modules Stackable

    10 x

    System Units Connectable


We help businesses and communities of all sizes move to clean renewable energy.
Remote off-grid/Commercial rooftop/Building Integrated Photovoltaics/Communities/Farms

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